"Christianity, if false is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important".
C.S. Lewis

It is in your interest to take time to find out for yourself if the message of the Bible is true. Here are some tools that may help you.

An Overview of The Christian Message
By This Name

The ideal book to help explain the message of the Bible to a post-modern, post-Christian, & secular society. Written for those in a culture influenced by Pantheism, Polytheism and Animism, By This Name peels the religion off the sacred book, the Bible, and lets the ancient story speak for itself. In the process, a message of hope snaps into focus. It is a must read. The book lays the foundation of the Gospel with major Old Testament stories, builds upon essential biblical truths in a logical manner, and culminates at the Cross and the Resurrection.

We recommend buying this book for ease of reading, but you can also download it free as a PDF.

Creation and Evolution
The Evolution Crisis - Printed Booklet

The Evolution Crisis is available for purchase as high quality A5 booklet. After reading this web version you may want a printed copy to give to people you know. Many are engaging in the debate about creation and evolution. This booklet very powerfully brings a rational argument for special creation. Its short length means it is not too expensive to give away, nor too time consuming for a busy person to read. With its intriguing cover it will be pick up by another, whenever its owner puts it down.

Unlocking The Mystery of Life - Intelligent Design DVD

Unlocking the Mystery of Life is the story of contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful, but controversial, idea-the theory of "intelligent design." It is a theory based upon compelling biochemical evidence.

Through state-of-the-art computer animation, Unlocking the Mystery of Life transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

You can order the DVD by clicking the image.

Answers in Genesis - Online Creation Videos

Answers in Genesis is a ministry aimed primarily at equipping the church. They aim to explain what the Bible teaches about history and then to show scientific evidence that supports this. They also examine theories which contradict the Bible's account to see how well they hold up to scrutiny. They have a great Questions and Answers archive here as well as a Video Archive here. They publish The Answers Book which is a great resource if you have questions about creation.

Edinburgh Creation Group - Online Creation Videos

Edinburgh Creation Group has a great collection of videos on subjects related to creation. Their videos cover a number of perspectives: biological, historical, moral and philosophical. These videos normally look at one aspect of the creation - evolution debate with an expert in that field. The videos are free and can be viewed online.

The site also contains some very interesting articles on the spiritual origin of the theory of evolution.

Some Related Titles In This Series

You may be asking what about other religions? If there is a God why should I believe it is the God of the Bible? These books were compiled by the same people who brought you The Evolution Crisis. They tell the stories of spiritual leaders of other faiths who came to believe that the message of the Bible is true. These leaders give a detailed explanation of why they turned to Christianity from their own religion even when it meant persecution.

Dawn of The New Age

Yoga, TM, the 'higher self', channelling, ascended masters, reincarnation, crystal healing, astral projection, creative visualisation, New Age music, psychic readings, self realisation and healing therapies. The list of spiritual experiences and ideas avaliable in today's mystic marketplace is endless.

But what's it like to be heavily involved in such things? Is it always beneficial or can I be harmed by experimenting just a little?

This unique and powerful book contains five fascinating true-life stories of New Agers whose desire for truth led them down amazing pathways. From Britain, India and America come gripping tales of adventure, in search of the ultimate reality.

This may be the most important book you ever read. It could change your life forever.

Three of the five testimonies now available online:

The Pilgrimage

The annual Hajj (Pilgrimage) to Mecca and Medina constitutes the world's largest international gathering. The logistics involved in the 'journey of millions' from all over the globe are simply staggering. The whole event is a rich feast of history, culture, religion and belief.

The Hajj reminds us of the spiritual pilgrimage in which every human being is engaged. Truly, we are all on a journey. In this booklet five Muslims recall their own personal 'life pilgrimage'. From Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel, they have come together to relate their amazing stories.

Fascinating, challenging, startling - this book will richly reward careful reading.

Three of the five testimonies now available online:


A doctor of medicine, a businessman, two rabbis and a world famous singer. What do they have in common? Find out in this fascinating and gripping collection of true life stories about Jewish people.

From Poland to New York to London the story is the same - a long winding path that leads to the greatest revelation of all. Can we know who the Messiah is? Is he a real person? Has He come or do we still await Him? All is revealed in this absorbing little book.

In an age of secularism and cynicism, this book traces real and enduring journeys of discovery that can be shared by the reader.

Light Seekers

Hinduism is a powerful mix of religion, philosophy, history and culture. It has, to varying degrees, permeated the worlds of academia, business, entertainment, politics and even health and fitness. It claims to be the world's oldest organised religion, dating back 4,500 years, yet it entered the 21st century with nearly 1 billion followers spread across every continent. Based on the ancient Vedic literature, it is a belief system in constant transition and populated by an almost infinite number of gods.

This one-of-a-kind book recounts the lives of five Indian gurus each of whose search for enlightenment makes fascinating reading. Their journeys to the ultimate moment of truth give a unique insight into the soul of Hinduism and what it's like to be immersed in the life and experiences of this amazing and diverse global religion.

On The Web
Biblegateway - A Free Online Bible

The Bible Gateway is a free online bible. It allows you to view most popular bible versions and also to search the bible. You may have noticed that when this web site quotes the bible there is a web link that takes you to this site allowing you to see the context of the verse (click the icon to view the chapter in which the verse appears). You can also read whole books by typing in the title like John or Romans. You can even listen to a chapter by clicking the icon. This site has the bible in other languages like Arabic.

E-Sword - Free Bible Software

Esword is free bible software that can be downloaded, allowing you to read the Bible when your computer is not online. Muslims often ask how a translation of the Bible can be trusted. Well, this software contains the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures letting you check that the translation is consistent. When you place your mouse over a Greek word it shows how it has been translated into English. It shows you the dictionary definition of each Greek or Hebrew word used. Commentaries and other tools can also be downloaded.